Babaji      The Full Moon is once again here. Each full moon brings to us an enormous amount of energy to connect and align with. The Full Moon phase last each month for 3 days. That is today, Sunday February 24 , Monday  25 , & Tuesday  26. I suggest to all my students or anyone who truly wishes to be fully open intuitively to align themselves with her beautiful energy. You do this by spending some time noticing the moon, walking under the stars, and by joining her in silent meditation. It is the  best time to set your intentions or go over your intentions and see what changes need to be made. Sit in silence in the moonlight and ask anything you need to know and then return to silence, notice if the answer just spontaneously appears. It is especially important to note what appears in your life 3 or more times within a short period of time, there is a message there for you. Also pay particular attention if you are waking between 3 and 4 in the morning, this is known as the witching hour. If you are waking often at this time the universe wants to commune with you .

For this full moon I am sending you the beautiful Babaji Chant. Babaji Chant There is much contraversary surrounding who Babaji is so I do not suggest you try to learn about Babaji but simply embrace the chant by listening to it .Babaji is a powerful light being and by listening to Babaji Chant on the Full Moon he can be invoked in your life. It is just a simple exercise to try to see Babaji presence will grace your life and assist you . For anyone who does listen to the Chant over the full moon and feels a presence or has an experience I would love to hear about it . I know Babaji has certainly made his appearence in my life known and has helped me many times .

One final note . It is about silence and thinking . How many of you feel you have reached a state of just being ? No thinking , just being? Are you going throughout your day in a constant state of thought ? When people are talking to you are you in a state of being or are you already in your mind planning your response ? How about your meditation practice , are you able to silence your mind easier and for long periods of time? If you are my student or to anyone on my mailing list I encourage you to take the “Just Being Challenge”. For the next 3 days of the Full Moon practice no thinking , just being , being fully present and aware. There is no better way to develop intuitively !! Journal your experience .Please let me know how you make out with this .

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Thank You , Sincerely Psychic , Healer , & Teacher Marlene